U.S. Residential Proxies for
Secure, Anonymous Browsing!

BHProxy offers secure, high-speed, US based, residential proxies. Browse the internet or operate your business and services with our static IPs from leading service providers such as AT&T™, Comcast™ & Verizon™. Residential proxies are more resistant to blocks and bans from all major US-only service providers such as:


Static Residential Proxy

1 Proxy Only $15/ea

15 Proxies Only $12/ea

50 Proxies Only $10/ea


Social Media

Use our proxies to power your social media automation tools. Our proxies are more resistant to blocks and bans.


Faster Speeds

We have faster connection speeds than our competitors. This means more time getting things done and less time waiting.


Unrestricted Browsing

Have permanent access to all your favorite websites and internet services. Keep your personal identity and location secure.


Automated Processes

Operate automated internet services, artificial intelligence tools, data collection, location based software testing, and more!


Most Recommended Social Media
Residential Proxy

As one of the very first residential proxy providers, BHProxy and ResVPN have developed a brand that has withstood the test of time to offer you a service you can't compete. Together, BHProxy and ResVPN have combined our resources to offer you the best proxy service possible.

We are #1 because our support is ridiculously amazing. We have a real-time response to your every request. Our customer happiness team will keep you up and smiling everyday.